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A Florida Law Firm Advocating for Creditor's Rights



Hunt & Kahn, P.A. (H&K), assists clients with all aspects of commercial and consumer debt collection, accounts receivable management, general commercial litigation and creditors' defense.

Our practice area spans the entire state of Florida and we represent clients in state and federal court.



We regularly pursue debts arising from mortgage foreclosures, credit cards, automobile loans, deficiencies, and myriad other forms of indebtedness. Our main office is located in South Florida (Pompano Beach) and we litigate in every county in Florida.
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Debt Collection


Ethical and Professional Recovery Services From pre-suit, to litigation, to collection of judgments, we provide the assistance needed to collect delinquent accounts.  Our in-house collection staff is capable and experienced and our professional collection methods are tailored to meet the desires of each individual client. For all of your debt collection and account receivables management needs, we are the firm to call.


Our Goal, Objectives,
Methods, and Attitude

Our Goal To provide exceptional legal representation (specializing in debt collection and general civil litigation) that reinforces and ensures that justice and equity endure as building blocks upon which our inclusive community is founded.

Our Objectives To provide instructional advice and material (via web, printed material, and oral instruction) to increase awareness of legal redress available

To counsel all clients to prudently pursue legal remedies and to forbear pursuing vexatious legal remedies

To expand the number of members within the legal community who affirm and demonstrate commitment to the core tenants of The Ellison Model (an international inclusive community building approach)

Our Methods We counsel and demonstrate to stakeholders the desirability of employing strategies to facilitate communication, reconciliation, and conflict resolution

We explore ways to impart to our clients that relationships built upon values of trust, honor, and respect, allow for differences to be readily reconciled and for adverse parties to become allied.

Our Attitude We care about the welfare of our clients and stakeholders, we diligently inquire about our client's needs and ensure helpful legal advice, and we delight in providing exceptional legal representation.

General Commercial Litigation



Commercial DisputesWe offer representation for a wide variety of business disputes and liability claims. 

Counterclaims and Appeals


Affordable representation We offer serveral options for appellate and counterclaim representation including flat fee plans and hourly representation.

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